Straw Choppers

The Redrock C300 is one of the most used straw choppers. It’s a straw- and feed dispenser specifically designed to chop and dispense straw bales, silage bales and hay. This versatile machine can be used for feeding, as well as for lining straw-bedded pens or cubicles. The Redrock C300 can be powered by a relatively light tractor. The minimum requirement in terms of capacity is 65hp.

Versatile Redrock straw choppers

The machine has a capacity of 3 cubic meters and can process both round and square bales. It features a self loading rear door which can be used to load bales into the machine without the need for a second tractor. The Redrock C300 straw chopper can also be used to pre-process straw for mixer wagons.

The advantages of the Redrock straw chopper:

  • 3 cubic meters capacity
  • Tail lift
  • Special Butterfly-blades for optimal silage and long straw cutting
  • Bottom chain can rotate both forwards and backwards
  • Simple electrical operation
  • Rotatable distribution shoot

Technical specifications:

Length 3,75 meter
Height 2,45 meter
Width 1,99 meter
Distribution height 1,50 meter
Straw spreading height 2,50 meter
Max. blowing distance 18,0 meter
Min. power 65 pk
Min. oil flow 15-45 L/min
Tractor HP Required 160 bar

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