Slurry Tankers

The superior quality for which the Redrock products are known is also reflected in the innovative Redrock slurry tankers. All Redrock vacuum tankers are made with 6mm high-grade rolled steel.


The innovative Redrock vacuum tankers

The Redrock vacuum tankers are welded both on the inside and on the outside. The tankers are reinforced on the inside for extra stability and a longer operating life. This makes them extremely suitable for the effective transport of liquid substances.

The structure of the Redrock vacuum tankers

When using a vacuum tanker behind a tractor, it is important that a proportional pressure distribution takes place. Redrock took this into account in an innovative way when designing its vacuum tankers. The full-length drawbar of the vacuum tanker is made from one piece of steel. The drawbar is also mounted directly in front of the axle. This means the tanker is pulled from the center axis and guarantees more comfort and more stability.

Standard delivery Redrock vacuum tankers

Every standard delivered Redrock vacuum tanker runs on a certain set of tires and has a varying volume. Below we have listed the standard vacuum tankers with their corresponding wheel type:

  • 4.850 litre on 550/60 R 22.5 wheels
  • 6.000 litre on 550/60 R 22.5 wheels
  • 7.200 litre on 550/60 R 22.5 wheels
  • 8.650 litre on 550/60 R 22.5 wheels
  • 9.550 litre on 550/60 R 22.5 wheels
  • 10.500 litre on 28.1 x 26 wheels
  • 11.700 litre on 800/65 R 32 wheels
  • 13.650 litre on 560/60 R 22.5 wheels, fitted with tandem axle
  • 15.900 litre on 560/60 R 22.5 wheels, fitted with tandem axle
  • 18.200 litre on 560/60 R 22.5 wheels, fitted with tandem axle

Additional options

Redrock offers various options that can be added to your vacuum tanker. This makes it possible for you to design your vacuum tanker entirely to your desired specifications.

  • Sight glass

It is possible to mount a sight glass on the front of the tank, which allows you to easily see at a glance to what level the tank is filled.

  • Suction arm

With the hydraulically operated suction arm on the right-hand side you can easily fill the tank without having to step out of the cabin. The suction arm can also be equipped with a Vogelsang turbo filler.

  • Discharge boom

The discharge boom can be rotated up to 275 °. This allows you to unload on both sides of the tanker, ideally suited, for example, when filling a tank or container over a ditch.

  • Air brake

The vacuum tankers can also be equipped with an air brake. An air brake enables quick and smooth breaking. In addition, the vacuum tanker automatically brakes when it unexpectedly disconnects from the tractor.

  • Steerable tandem

This option is available on all vacuum tankers with a tandem chassis. It increases safety and comfort during transport on the road and reduces tire wear.

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