Redrock Telegator

The Redrock Telegator silage blockcutter series is equipped with a 100 cm cutting opening designed for use in combination with telescopic loaders, handlers and mid-range shovels. For use on front loaders, the Alligator series, with a cutting opening of 85 cm, is recommended.

Three models are available:

Telegator 100-serie:

Model Cutting opening Working width Depth Block contents Weight
Telegator 180-100 100 cm 180 cm 85 cm 1,50 m3 900 kg
Telegator 200-100 100 cm 200 cm 85 cm 1,75 m3 975 kg
Telegator 240-100 100 cm 240 cm 85 cm 2,10 m3 1100 kg

A range or accessories is also available for the Telegator 100-series.

Telegator 200-100

Redrock Telegator 200-100

Achterframe met optioneel aanbouwdeel

Rear frame with optional attachment

zware 15 mm dikke platen in het snijschild

Heavy 15 mm thick plates in the cutting shield

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