Silage and grain trailers

Redrock silage and grain trailers are designed to operate in the most demanding of agricultural environments. Superior techniques and innovative design were applied to all aspects of the trailers, including a strong and stable chassis and a tough, modern body. The Redrock grain and silage trailers range from 10.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes in capacity. The standard trailers are all equipped with a suspension drawbar, hydraulic brakes, a hand brake, an aluminium inspection ladder and LED lighting.

Different models of Redrock silage and grain trailers

The Redrock silage and grain trailers are available in various models. Although the models differ in length, width, capacity and axle type, they have one important feature in common: the reliable, strong quality that you expect from Redrock products. For over 40 years, Redrock has been your supplier for agricultural products such as silage blockcutters, mixer-feeders, slurry pumps, and much more! You can now find the same reliable quality in the Redrock silage and grain trailers.

Specifications of the Redrock silage and grain trailers

All models are available with a sprung or a suspended tandem. All tandems have an eccentric pivot connection. As a result, less pressure is placed on the front wheels, so that the trailer moves smoothly over the terrain, even in bad weather conditions.

Further specifications of the standard Redrock silage and grain trailers are:

• Hydraulic or air brakes
• HD hitch eye
• 65mm bronze bushed bogiepin with grease track
• Hydraulic tailgate
• Heavy-duty chassis with heavy brakes
• Plexiglass window
• Double tipping cylinder

Additional options

The Redrock silage and grain trailers can of course also be customised with extra options. This way you can have the car equipped exactly as you wish. The additional options include:
• Grain gutter
• Cargo cover
• Hydraulic grain door
• Air and hydraulic brake
• Euro Fail-Safe brake system
• Steerable tandem
• A variety of wheel options.

Other possibilities for your silage and grain trailer

The Redrock silage and grain trailers can also be equipped with a weighing system. This allows the content to be accurately measured, without the use of a conventional weighing bridge. The weighing system is clearly visible from the cabin and also allows for weighing from a distance.

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