Redrock Super Flow slurry pump review

Mts. R & A Calis is a dynamic farm in Lippenhuizen with about 300 dairy cows and young stock. The arable land covers 120 hectares of grass land and 30 hectares of maize land.

By having two long term employees, Calis keeps a lot of work inside their own company. A contracting firm is called in during busy times, if necessary. The quality of livestock and fodder has top priority and may not suffer from understaffing both in personnel and machinery.

That is the reason why the contracting firm is called in as required. “It is really a matter of striking a happy medium”, says Robbert Calis.
Calis has two Redrock machines in use, a Redrock Telegator 180 silage blockcutter and a Redrock Super-Flow slurry pump. The company also used a Redrock standard slurry pump before which they had in use from 1988 until 2007.

Every year, about 4,000 to 5,000 cubic metres of slurry are pumped into the silo. In addition, slurry is also taken for manuring the land further afield. For that purpose, the business is using a 30 m3 tank filled with the help of the Redrock Super-Flow slurry pump. The pump is very low-maintenance, which was an important factor in the purchase decision. “There are always jobs around the farm, and machine maintenance is definitely not the most rewarding job. Maintenance is very time-consuming work. That’s what makes the Redrock the most ideal equipment for us: Low in maintenance and high in capacity.”

When asked to describe the machine with a few key words, Calis doesn’t have to think for long: “solid, sound and simple.”

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