Redrock – Silage Blockcutter Specialist

Recently the famous Redrock blockcutter series has been expanded with the completely renewed “Allround” series characterised by the closed bottom element. After years of experience with the previous Allround series, the new line has been rigorously adjusted. These changes are based on the extensive experience Redrock has gained over the years.

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Some features of the new Redrock Allround series:

  • New, professional semicircular bin shape has the advantage of having a better unloading capacity
  • The bottom and rear wall are one element, which ensures very high stability
  • Minimum number of reinforcement bars on the bottom prevents clamping of feed between the bars and therefore ensures an easy and complete emptying of the bin
  • Hardox bottom cutting blade means minimal wear
  • New cutting shield design with a smoother inner wall ensures less chance of feed clamping
  • Thicker cutting blades
  • Side plates of cutting shield are now 15 mm instead of 10 mm thick
  • Prepared for various types of front loader or loader attachments – simple assembly
  • Separate 25 mm thick prefabricated blade mounting plate in the cutting shield ensures a perfect fit of the blades and adds extra stability to the cutting shield.

The Allround blockcutters are available in three types, the 85-series, 100-series and the 130-series. These naming conventions indicate the size of the jaw opening of the blockcutters. The working widths range from 160 cm to 300 cm.

All in all, Redrock offers a very solid and practical line of blockcutters with which both silage and by-products can be removed quickly and neatly.

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