How Redrock improves the performance of Slurry Pumps

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]ll of Redrock’s performance at a glance:

Redrock pomp mega flow


  • The internal resistance in the pump is reduced to a minimum because all right angles are converted into smooth round lines.
  • The Redrock slurry pumps are suitable for well openings from 70 × 70 cm and therefore usable in many situations.
  • The Redrock slurry pumps are available in eight different models, suitable for a well depth of 150 to 400 centimeters. The height of each model can be adjusted by 40 centimetres.
  • The pump is equipped with a hydraulic top link as standard, making it easy to lower the pump into the slurry pit.
  • An adjustable spray head is fitted to set the slurry in motion. It can also be used to break any surface crust on the slurry.
  • The ‘Standard’ Redrock slurry pump has a power requirement of approximately 80 hp. This makes it possible to realise a capacity of 12 m3 / minute. With the ‘Super Flow’ slurry pump, the capacity is around 14 m3 / minute. The “Super Flow” pump has a power requirement of approximately 100 hp. This power increase is mainly due to the adjusted transmission rate of the gearbox.
  • The Redrock slurry pumps are characterised by their extremely low maintenance and their resistance to stones and the like.
  • The pump is also equipped with a PTO with shear bolt protection.
  • The entire pump is galvanised to prevent premature rusting.

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