13 reasons for choosing a Redrock Silage Blockcutter

1. Undisputed specialist who has more than 25 years of experience in producing a complete series of silage blockcutters.


2. Exceptionally complete range with more than 25 models where all “tinecutters” can also be equipped with a lift mast.


3. Extensive range of accessories including hydraulic shears, screw-on attachments for many brands of front loaders and loaders, insertable containers for loose product etc.


4. Structure of the blockcutters is largely build from 15 mm plates or tubes. These plates are supplied “unrolled” and are extremely dimensionally stable and steady.


5. Use of German quality tines.


6. Use of special conical tine bushings in the bushed bottom beam. The tines can hereby be tightened without additional pressure being exerted on the bottom beam. The tines are supported with the full thickness of the bottom beam. There is a wear plate across the entire width under the bottom beam.


7. Extra support bushings for the outer tines ensuring additional stability.


8. All models, except Telegator and Allround, are provided with a special side guide that gives the cutter plate extra stability while cutting in the silage pit.


9. Very heavy pivot points (with the 130-series having a diameter of 60 mm!), mounted in bushings and greasable.


10. All blades, both on the front and side, are bolted in, which makes them easy to replace in case of damage.


11. The front blades are mounted on a strip that is separately welded on. This strip is 25 mm thick, which gives a high degree of stability to the cutting shield. The holes for the blade attachment are made with a laser machine for an exact fit of the blades.


12. The corner stoppers (which ensure that the blades do not reach the bottom) are hardened and bolted on.


13. Very good price-performance ratio.

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